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Casas do Côro & Health and Wellness Experience

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Casas do Côro CC BY-NC-SA - Casas do Côro

Casas do Côro CC BY-NC-SA - Casas do Côro

  • Live Health and Wellness Experience at Casas do Côro in Douro region.

Price details

  • 3 nights accommodation with breakfast
  • Welcome drink with sparkling wine Encontro Rosé Bruto Touriga Nacional
  • 1 hour of ride trail running with the owner of Casas do Côro and a personal trainer
  • 1 bike tour with the owner of Casas do Côro and a personal trainer, ending with a picnic at the heart of nature
  • 2 diners in Casas do Côro
  • 1 walking tour with guide in Marialva
  • 1 slow trekking challenge with the numerous family of Casas do Côro (this activity is highly recommended for children)
  • 1 night walking tour with the numerous family of Casas do Côro
  • Offer of a Wine & Jam & Almonds box set made in Casas do Côro


  • Day 1, Thursday
    • ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­At check-in we start with a toast with rosé sparkling wine Rosé Encontro Rosé Bruto Touriga Nacional
    • Free dinner
  • Day 2, Friday
    • We start the day with an hour of trail running.
    • Light dinner in Casão do Largo.
  • Day 3, Saturday­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
    • Light dinner in Casas do Côro
    • Don’t forget to put on your sport shoes in your travel bag! Well, we will show you some of the best trails of Marialva at the heart of nature, respecting your own rhythm, but always on the move!
    • After the trail running, a nutritive healthy breakfast to stay fit and to win back the energy for the rest of the day.
    • Morning relaxation and free lunch, and plenty of time to discover the region. We have good suggestions for you!
    • Return in the afternoon. Try to take a nap; a very healthy habit that reduces stress levels stimulating exercise and which is highly recommendable!
    • A pleasure to taste peacefully, since the night is long!
    • According to the prescription of nutritionist Inês Campos, Carmen will prepare a healthy dinner, consisting of: an amouse-bouche, soup, main course, dessert buffet that will match 4 wines, carefully chosen by Paulo.
    • At the end of dinner, a night walk across the village, so that you can release more calories and marvel at a starry sky, while listening to the silence of the night and contemplating the wonderful views over the village! It’s good for both body and soul and no doubt that you sleep much better!
    • Breakfast specifically conceived for the trekking activity.
    • Prepare comfy shoes.
    • Beginning of the trekking challenge across the cliffs of Marialva, a walking trail that will exercise your legs, defeating the shortest distance with the biggest inclination in the mythical cliff of this Historical Village amidst oak trees and other century-old trees at the heart of a breathtaking landscape!
    • One this is for sure: most of the stress that you have brought in your luggage will be already gone at this stage and the other part will too!
    • We will give you time for a short rest break.
    • 13:30h Departure in bike in the middle of olive trees and vineyards without losing sight of the Historical Village across magnificent off-road trails.
    • As to the most “stressful” ones, the electric bikes will be ready, for no one has to worry if one loses his/her breath during the tour!
    • Break to replace sugars with a highly nutritive natural juice.
    • As you get to the Vineyard Lounge, there will be a surprise for you! A picnic for restoring your energy based on essential nutrients, prepared by the nutritionist Inês Campos and the witty hands of Carmen!
    • In the middle of nowhere you will find everything you need to spend a healthy afternoon in the open air, surrounded by nature, and you can even take a nap on the huge pillows and blankets spread in the floor.
    • You can have everything you’re entitled to, since the sacrifices are now over! It’s time to focus on the sheer pleasure of eating!
    • In the last diner of the weekend, Inês Campos and Carmen wanted to surprise you…let’s see if they will succeed!
  • Day 4, Sunday­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
    • Farewell breakfast.
    • Guided walking tour to Marialva, discovering the natural, religious, architectural and mostly human heritage of the village…since Marialva has life and a good people, despite the hard work in the fields and the austere rustic environment. The farmers have a lot of stories to tell and everyone loves to hear a good story, isn’t it?
    • Late check-out with the offer of a box containing products made in Casas do Côro: a home-made dessert whose main ingredient comes from our biological garden, artisanal almonds and a wine from our selection.